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The Great Reading Debate


  1. Instruction is built on part to whole.
  2. Sequentially, isolated phonemic sounds are stressed.
  3. Isolated phonemic sounds smoothly combine into logical reading, writing and spelling patterns. Simple blending patterns gradually combine into more complex syllabication skills.
  4. Isolated phonemic sounds smoothly combine into whole words. Systematically, students learn to visually track their eyes across the printed page.
  5. Sight words are introduced in a highly systemic fashion.
  6. Students acquire the necessary skills to make meaningful attempts to decode unfamiliar words.


  1. Instruction is built on whole to part.
  2. Whole words are stressed at random. (LOOK – SAY – MEMORIZE!)
  3. Isolated phonemic sounds are taught after the whole word has been introduced from selected literature.
  4. At random, whole words are broken down into parts. (This can lead to visual tracking problems and encourage incorrect directionality within a word.)
  5. With various combinations of phonetic cues, sight words are introduced and the visual configuration of the word is stressed.
  6. Students often make meaningless attempts to decode unfamiliar words. (They look at the beginning and ending sounds and often make meaningless attempts to decode the medial vowel spelling patterns.

Problem: Not all right brain learners are able to memorize whole words at random. Some right brain learners have poor memory skills; they become more lost than ever! These students require a highly systematic strategy that stresses easier ways to remember essential reading strategies!

Solution: Whole Brain Methodology! Results: Right hemispheric creativity and talent easily connects with left hemispheric academic tasks (reading, writing and spelling).

Pitfalls of Hit-n-Miss Phonics

Why it is crucial to stay away from these pitfalls

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